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Construction System

Construction System

The pervious concrete pavement EcoCreto Enhanced Pervious Concrete Organic © is the result of the mixture of stone aggregates of controlled particle sizes (ranging from 3/8 to "3/4"), cement, water and aditivoECOCRETO ©. The mixture of these products form a paste-like hydraulic concrete as malleable as this, but which upon drying leaves a very porous surface which allows the free passage of water and having a high resistance to compression and bending.

The construction system is based on controlled granular materials should be confined, clean and free of fines. This type of 100% permeable base, replacing many advantages of strength and durability to the bases of the other existing pavements. In many cases small wells used absorption characteristics and number depend on the absorption capacity and groundwater rainfall rates.

This system, together, allows the reduction or even elimination of storm drains, as demonstrated in most cases where elECOCRETO © has been used.

As an additional advantage, from the structural viewpoint, is the fact that being a granular material without sand, paving the loads transmitted to decompose and unevenly distributed due to the existence of random contact points. Thus the load reaches the ground is divided into a much larger area which results in the case of floor with traditional bases. Although there is no precise information is estimated that the load receiving surface is at least five times greater permeable pavements, which allows, in most cases, the natural ground need not be improved.

In addition to this we can add one of their most important technical characteristics is that its bending strength is better than that of hydraulic concrete, therefore, the thickness of the porous flooring can be much lower than those of the common hydraulic concrete, thereby reducing costs.