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ECOCRETO® he is concrete a permeable 100% that allows the free passage of the water to the subsoil, thus helping to the recovery of the water-bearing and phreatic mantles of the cities.

Had the technical characteristics of high resistance to the flexion, to the compression and the wearing down,ECOCRETO® it is an ideal material to be used in streets, walking, sidewalks, parking, platform of load, etc. without mattering that one is areas for intense and heavy traffic.
Dice to its permeability, the constructive system varies according to the systems normally used for the pavements done with impermeable materials. Those of ECOCRETO® they are constructed on an also permeable base.

Evolution of the formula of ECOCRETO®

From the beginning of activities, the main occupation has been the continuous improvement of the formula of our additive ECOCRETO, evolving the technology, since to remain, like the leaders in the market, also it is our intention. These improvements are our seal of distinction in the market and point of comparison with our competitors.

Next we presented/displayed the evolution of our product.

First Generation

It was our first additive, it obtained a concrete one of extraordinary characteristics, relatively simple handling and reasonable price. His deventajas eras that “type 1” correctly worked with cement and only dried very fast, thus the periods of installation were very brief, in addition, it stuck in the walls of the mixers and in the cado one of the trucks of premixed, they were not possible to be mixed more than 4 cubic meters.

Second Generation

This additive had all the advantages and the same disadvantages, but it could be mixed with any type of cement. The patents corresponding to these additives are in the name of the three original inventors: Néstor de Buen Unites, Jaime Grau Genesias and Germa’n Guevara Grandson.

Tecera Generation

This additive already was developed by the new equipment formed by Néstor de Buen Unna and Alexander Vázquez Go’mez and counts on the advantages of the previous ones, only that the mixture is much more manageable and the filling of the trucks does not stick in the walls of the mixers allowing of premixed, in addition, is much more economic that its predecessors.

Fourth Generation

He is equal to the previous one but it allows to reduce the amount of cement until in a 10%.